Raising Money for a Good Cause

Hey everyone! 

In addition to being an OT, I foster dogs rescued from death row at local animal controls. My most recent foster is a cute puppy that broke with Parvo less than 24 hours of getting her out of animal control. Her sister and run mate broke out with Parvo a day later. 

I’ve never seen a dog with Parvo. It is very scary to see a puppy throw up again and again. She was almost dead 6 hours after she started throwing up. I had to carry her limp body into the vet. A puppy that should be running around couldn’t even lift her head. Thankfully she got treatment in time but it’s expensive. Dogs with Parvo have to be put in isolation because the virus is very contagious. She was at the vet for 5 days. Her sister Princess was there for 6 days. 

Both dogs are improving but now the rescue is sick with worry trying to pay the bill, $2,000.00. They can’t rescue anymore dogs until this bill is paid. Please help Niagara Dog Rescue. You donation is tax deductible. 

Thank you!!!! 

Vanilla and Princess need your help https://www.youcaring.com/niagaradogrescue-872303 via @youcaring

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