The purpose of this page is to provide a list of products I buy and use regularly. I’ve tried lots of things over the years. After a while, some things stay in my tool kit and others get replaced when better things come along. Sometimes, I’ve used products for years and then poof! They are no longer made or I’m unable to find them. Amazon is one of my go to places to find stuff. Abilitations is another but there stuff can be pricey. Sensory University is a good place to find good sensory stuff.

Here’s the list of things that are in my OT Tool Kit

One Finger Spacer

This is one of my all time favorite things. I wish I knew who invented it, I would give her some much deserved credit. There is a two-finger spacer but I rarely use it. It’s generally too much space. I’ve tried make my own and laminating it but the students gravitate toward this one the most.

one finger spacer

Write Start Colored Pencils

I prefer to use colored pencils over markers. They last for years and can stand up to the pressure. Literally, I have had students who can’t grade their force when coloring. All that pressure ruins markers very quickly. Plus, I don’t have to worry about putting the cap back on. Some students will bang markers on the table which ruins them. The pencil just needs to be sharpened. I like both of the following pencils from Crayola. The thicker barrel and the shape help build a better grasp. I don’t see as much thumb wrap with thicker pencils.

Write Start PencilsThis is a well used Write Start Pencil. The short, stubby ones do help develop a pinch grasp. So, don’t throw the short ones away.

used colored pencil
Don’t throw away the short ones.

Crayola EZ grip colored pencils

These are great because of the triangular shape and they color well. Again, don’t throw the short ones away. These are easier to find in retail stores.

crayola triangular shaped pencils
Used colored pencils.
Easy Grip Pencils for Little Hands
Easy Grip Pencils for Little Hands


A good pencil is a must! I really like Ticonderoga pencils. The quality of the lead is better and they write smoother. The company makes triangular-shaped pencils. I usually start with one of these two and see if a student’s grasp improves with just the pencil. Then I add a pencil grasp if needed. The black ones are thicker and have a soft, non-slip texture. The Tri-Write pencils fit into a standard sharpener size. Sometimes, that is all that’s available. So, I’ll go with the smaller diameter pencil.

In my OT room, I have plastic box with a variety of pencils for students. The older students can select what they want. Younger students usually need less selection and more guidance. I have a variety of pencil grips on the pencils. These black pencils are a favorite.

Tri-Write Pencils from Ticonderoga

Tri Write pencil
Used Tri-Write pencil. The erasers never last as long as the pencil.
tri-write pencils
Triangle Shaped Pencils in their package.

Black Triangle Pencils from Ticonderoga

Black Tri Write Pencil
Used Black Pencil from my collection.
Tri Write pencils
Here are some well used pencils from my box.

Pencil Grips

If you need more than a pencil, here are the ones I use the most.

assorted pencil grips
Grotto, Zaner-Bloser and The Pencil Grip

Grotto Pencil Grip

This is one of the most frequently used pencil grips. It’s good for correcting the thumb overlap grasp. I see the thumb overlap with a tight web space a lot! It seems that it is becoming the new norm. Not all kids like to use it but it does help.

pencil grip

This is a good alternative if students rejects the Grotto.

Zaner-Bloser Pencil Grips

These work well with older students and those that need less correction. These are comfortable for lots of writing.


Fiskars Scissors

I really like scissors from Fiskars. They make the best. I have lots of them but they are so old I can’t find the exact ones I have anymore. Cutting is hard enough, don’t make it harder with poor quality scissors that don’t cut. They have a spring assisted version but I haven’t tried them yet. I have some from another manufacturer and they are okay. I usually adapt scissors with a rubber band to assist with opening and closing. See my post about it, scissor adaptation.

old fiskars scissors
Here’s a pair of my old Fiskars scissors. I haven’t been able to find them. I need a few more pairs.

These are a few things, I use on a regular basis. The links are to Amazon but you can many of these items in retail stores. I am signed up for affiliate links with Amazon.

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