New Therapy Bag Items

It’s that time of year. I’ve been shopping and getting ready for the new school year. I like to shop for versatile stuff. I don’t have lots of space to store stuff at school or in my car.

I added a jump rope, finger puppets, and numbered bottle covers from Ikea. Ikea is great for inexpensive things that can be used multiple ways.

finger puppets from Ikea
Finger Puppets
black jump rope from Ikea
Jump Rope
lycra wraps wit numbers to put on water bottles
Lyra Numbers for Water Bottles

Then I picked up some primary ruled composition books, wide ruled composition books, folders with tabs and red marking pencils. I already have lots of colored pencils, regular pencils, scissors and glue. I use the red marking pencils to make notes on work samples. They can be used instead of a highlighter to make strokes and letters for students to trace. The thin line of a pencil works better for some students. The pencil makes thinner lines and it doesn’t bleed through the paper. It can be a better alternative when writing on notebook paper.

primary and wide ruled composition books
Primary and Wide Ruled Composition Books
four folders blue green yellow and red
Folders with tabs

I also picked up some clear storage bins from the Container Store. I want everything organized and easy to find. Clear bins don’t need labels. I don’t pulling out every bin to discover what’s in it.






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