Jumping for Numbers


I’ve got another quick and inexpensive sensory activity to share. Mini-trampolines are great and can be found in most therapy clinics, therapy rooms and classrooms. They work well because sensory needs can be met in a small space and small amount of time. I wanted to add something besides just jumping to the trampoline. Combining functional/purposeful activities with sensory activity is at the heart of Occupational Therapy.

I do sensory circuit training with the students. I always start with a minute of jumping followed by a minute of wall push-ups. Then I will do crossing mid-line activity, I call it Cross Touch or a Wheel barrel walk to the table. It gets them ready to write or do other fine-motor stuff.

Anyway, I wrote the numbers 1 to 20 on small sticky notes and taped them on the wall next to the trampoline. Then jump and touch the numbers in order to add a visual-motor component. The students have really enjoyed it. I move the numbers around depending on height and jumping height of the student. Some jump high and others jump low. I even arranged them in a circle this week as a pre-writing activity. I might go ahead and make nicer ones and laminate them. I could even make letters. There are lots of possibilities and the cost is low. That’s a win-win in my book. Here’s a few photos.

trampoline with numbers taped to the wall

close up of numbers on sticky notes taped to the wall.

super close up of numbers on sticky notes taped to the wall

another close up of numbers on sticky notes taped to the wall


I finally laminated the numbers and created some more sticky notes with lowercase letters. The kids seem to like the numbers better. I was talking to the Speech Therapist about incorporating some language or articulation items. It’s a work in progress.

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  1. Excellent Idea!! I will give this a go with my older preschoolers with the letters of their names so they can jump and spell. Thanks!

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