Interactive Handwriting Notebook


I finally finished and uploaded my first Interactive Notebook for handwriting. I decided to focus on lowercase letters for my first Interactive Notebook. Lowercase letters are the ones we read and write the most and harder to learn. So, I put my focus lowercase letters first. Lowercase letters need to be the right size, started in the right spot and the strokes need to be completed in a specific sequence. Uppercase letters can be started from the bottom and the sequence of strokes can vary with the letters still ending up legible. They are all the same size too.

I’ve been creating and testing different pages and interactive ideas for almost a year. I’ve narrowed it down to the pages that are in the notebook.

The first activity is a uppercase and lowercase matching activity. Then it progresses to practicing the basic handwriting strokes. Don’t rush through learning the basic strokes.

The letters are grouped by the starting stroke of the letter. I started with lines and then progressed to the a circle stroke. I finished with a half circle stroke for the letters f and s. These can be grouped with the circle stroke letters. All of those letters start with a counter-clockwise curved stroke.

Then I finished with a sorting letters by size activity. It’s really important to get the sizing correct. Think about it, if all the letters are the same size and mushed together handwriting can be unreadable.

I really want feedback on my first interactive notebook. So, I’ve offered it for free for 30 days. I want to make it better and better. That’s hard to do without feedback. I’ve included a couple of pages because it can be hard to see on Teacher Pay Teachers.

Interactive Handwriting Notebook Cover

Tall Line Letter

circle stroke practice page

Tall Letters under the Tall Letter Foldable

m page completed

UC and LC letter pageI hope these photos are helpful and give you a better idea of the overall notebook.

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