Heavy Work Activity

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I had been racking my brain this past week trying to come up with some heavy work activities for one of my students. He needs a huge dose of sensory input in the mornings to get things started off in the right direction. If he doesn’t get it, he will seek it in unsafe ways. Then it goes down hill from there. He broke a mini-trampoline last week from jumping on it so hard.

I’m trying to get more sensory input incorporated into his day which is a big struggle. I can get the teachers and assistants to understand the need sensory input but then I get the line, “I don’t have time”. In addition, as an Occupational Therapist, I always want activities to have a purpose. I wanted him to push something heavy. So, I taped together some carpet squares, cleaned out a recycle bin and taped the bin to the carpet squares with double sided tape.

Recycle Bin   We put all the weighted sensory items from the classroom into the bin. There is a weighted blanket, lap weights, seat cushions and weighted snakes in the bin.

The student’s new “job” is to push the bin to and from the therapy room to his classroom in the morning and at dismissal. The therapy area is close to the cafeteria. So, the location works well. The first 2 trials went well and we went the long way to the therapy room at the end of day 1. The student loved having a job.

Now, I just have to get the adults to remember his job. Sometimes, that is the hardest part. They forgot Friday afternoon. I went and got it after dismissal and put it in the therapy area. Hopefully, not having their sensory stuff first thing Monday will help. I’ll post updates on progress.

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I ended up switching to a plastic tub instead of the recycling tote. I don’t have a picture.

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