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About 7-8 years ago, I started taking classes in Web and Graphic Design. I wanted a career change but I couldn’t quit my day job. I loved the classes and still love taking classes. There is always something new and challenging. What I didn’t know, is that the classes would change my OT career and how I approached it. As I learned how to use graphic design programs, I started designing things for the students. I had long been frustrated that I couldn’t find the things that were in my mind. I was tired of using a hi-lighter and graph paper to make things easier for the students.

I started with making handwriting paper and progressed from there. Finally, I was making the things that I had envisioned. It was so empowering to be able to revise and adjust as needed. I can create for a specific student or many. The students starting making real progress when I started creating things for them.

I’ve been playing around with positive and negative space. I’ve been playing around with the paper size. I posted a new portrait oriented paper set with positive and negative space. The negative space with grey filled blocks and a white outline has been working well. My students that struggle with skipping a block between words have an easier time. The paper is geared to the upper elementary student, 3rd grade and up. Many older elementary students still need assistance to size and space their writing. I have been working on paper for composition books but it’s not ready yet. The set of paper is available from Teacher’s Pay Teachers.


Here is one of the original designs. It’s works well and I use it regularly.

paper with white boxes and grey outline

Here is one of the updates with grey blocks. I made a similar version last year for a teacher. She uses it regularly.

paper with grey blocks in the lowercase spaceSo, if you are looking for something for older students that are struggling with notebook paper. Here is something that might help. I don’t have access to a color printer at work. So, it print on a black ink printer and they work fine.

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