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This blog has been created to share ideas and to have discussions about OT and therapy in general. I work in the public schools but I don’t want to limit this blog to school-based OT. I want to learn and discuss all areas of OT and how they overlap. We don’t practice our profession in isolation and my goal is to incorporate other professions and the folks we serve. I am not an expert on many areas of OT and I am looking to expand my horizons and knowledge. One of my goals is to find others that can write and contribute their expertise to my posts. So, if any therapists out there want to contribute let me know.

My goal is to post at least monthly and grow to weekly.

Blog Policy:

I will respond to posts within a week, possibly sooner. Positive posts are always welcome. Different views are welcome. Typos are to be expected and if they get out before I can catch them, let me thank all those wonderful editors now and later.

Off topic comments, disparaging comments, comments with more than one link or profanity will be deleted. Let’s keep it light but professional.

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